Smelly overtakes scruffy

Thank goodness for snooty New York writers.

For nearly 30 years Knoxville has suffered the unwarranted shame of being that “scruffy little city on the banks of the Tennessee River” – a label attached by a long forgotten Wall Street Journal reporter who scoffed at the notion Knoxville could stage a World’s Fair.

But now, thanks to another New York writer, smelly Chattanooga has overtaken scruffy Knoxville as the national image of East Tennessee.

On a recent trip to Chattanooga, Jamie Kitman, Automobile Magazine’s new York bureau chief, apparently was overcome by the distinctive air of downtown Chattanooga.

Kitman described the odor as “the most incredible stench.”

While it is true that downtown Chattanooga tends to linger on the nose, New Yorkers really shouldn’t be talking about how other cities smell.

Nonetheless, in this case, I’m happy to see “smelly” replace “scruffy” in the New York writers’ dictionary.

Chattanooga Times Free Press: Writer says Chattanooga has “an incredible stench”