Knoxville makes Kiplinger ‘Best Value’ cities list

Knoxville scored some valuable national publicity today, ranking fifth on Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine’s list of the Top Ten “Best Value Cities” of 2011.

No.1 is Omaha, Neb., followed by Charlotte, N.C., and Nashville.

The rankings are based in part on population growth, unemployment rate, income growth, housing costs and other data. The magazine cites the city’s low taxes, affordable housing, entertainment options and revitalized downtown among the reasons it made the Top Ten.

Here’s some of what Kiplinger’s says about Knoxville:

 “Knoxville has managed to avoid the sharpest impact of the Great Recession, thanks to such economic drivers as the (the nation’s largest public utility), the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Those employers are providing jobs and helping tech-savvy, postdoctoral entrepreneurs create small businesses in all areas of energy, from nuclear to renewable, as well as materials engineering and supercomputer technology. Protein Discovery, for example, has applied research from the Oak Ridge labs and the University of Tennessee to a spectrum of products that help analyze samples of proteins.” 

The magazine’s website also offers a video walking-tour of Knoxville.

Kiplinger’s: Best Value Cities of 2011