Murdoch lawyered up, he should of manned up

It was evident from his televised testimony during a Parliament hearing that Rupert Murdoch had lawyered up. He should have manned up.
Murdoch Web 2_0.JPGIt’s one thing to say your underlings let you down and their underlings let them down.

But not once did the head of the powerful News Corp. organization accept responsibility for the phone hacking scandal.
My guess is that the best lawyers that money can buy told the media baron just how far he could go.
Apaprently, being a man was going too far.

As the head of the company, Murdoch bears ultimate responsibility for the scandal. It was a sad performance.
Even sadder were the pundits who suggested that the pie throwing attack  in the middle of the hearing was good for Murdoch’s image. It showed him as a vulnerable elderly gentleman, according to many of the talking heads I saw on cable Tuesday night.
Rupert Murdoch is elderly. But he is anything but vulnerable. The man is one of gthe most powerful media barons of his time.

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Photo: Associated Press files