A truly moving movie experience

With ticket sales declining, movie theaters are investing in new technologies to enhance the movie watching experience. The newest gimmick — motion-enhanced theater seats.

D-Box Technologies Inc., a Canadian company, is marketing a new seat that moves forward, backward and side to side in sync with the action on the screen. Does that sound cool, or what?

Check out this Wall Street Journal story: Gyrating at a Theater Near You: D-Box’s Moving Movie Seats

Unfortunately only a handful of theaters have the new seats. Knoxville-based Regal Entertainment Group, the largest theater operator in the country, has no plans to add D-Box seats, but it’s always looking for new ways to enhance the movie watching experience.

“We have no definitive plans to install D-Box technology at this time; however, we are always open to exploring new technologies that would add value to Regal and our customers,” Senior Vice President Dick Westerling said in an email.

I’d love to hear from anyone who gets a chance to try the D-Box seats.

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