UT men’s basketball No. 18 on Forbes revenue list

It’s been a tough year for the University of Tennessee men’s basketball team — multiple home court losses, an NCAA investigation, Coach Bruce Pearl’s suspension. But the Volunteers can take some solace in knowing the program is still a big-time money maker.

UT is No. 18 on Forbes’ ranking of the top revenue generating men’s basketball programs. According to U.S. Department of Education data, the UT men’s program generated $13,301,579 in revenue in the 2009-2010 season, Forbes reported earlier this week.

That’s good for the third highest revenue in the Southeastern Conference, behind only Kentucky (No 7., $16,781,239) and Arkansas (No. 13, $15,515,830).

Forbes ranks all 73 schools in the BCS conferences. The average revenue per school was $10.1 million and the median revenue was $8.8 million.

Duke and Louisville are the dominate money-makers among men’s programs, with total revenues of $26,667,056 and $25,890,003, respectively.

Check out the complete Forbes report on the top revenue generating men’s programs.

Here’s a link to a Forbes report comparing revenue generated by conferences. The SEC is No. 4 on this list with total men’s revenue of $124,636,534.