Bill Frist: A reasonable approach to healthcare reform

It never ceases to amaze me when a politician takes a reasonable stand on a controversial issue. Consider former Tennessee Sen. Bill Frist’s most recent comments on healthcare reform.

Earlier this week,e th surgeon and former Senate Majority Leader, chastized his fel111109score_atb_02.jpglow Republicans for demonizing the healthcare reform act that was passed last year.

The bill is imperfect, Frist said. It is not the bill he would have drafted, but “it is the law of the land and it is the platform, the fundamental platform, upon which all future efforts to make that system better, for that patient, for that family, will be based.”

Frist urged the GOP to build on the new healthcare reform law, instead of wasting time trying to kill it.

Frist can afford to be reasonable — he’s not running for office anymore. Still, he deserves credit for taking his party to task on this very important issue.

I wonder if the new House members who have made such a show of bashing the healthcare reform law were listening?

I hope so. Reasonable politicians are in short supply, especially those still in office.

Frist’s comments came during a press conference held by the Bipartisan Policy Center to promote its Health Project, an effort to help states meet their healthcare challenges.

The center was formed in 2007 by a group of former Senate Majority Leaders from both sides of the aisle, including former Tennessee Sen. Howard Baker.

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Photo: In this 2009 photo, former Sen. Bill Frist speaks at the Knoxville Chamber. (Adam Brimer/Knoxville News Sentinel)