Economy making progress, but will politics get in the way?

13ac30bb938c4f00e10e6a70670060fa.jpgCorporate America looks like it’s starting to hire again – the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level in 19 months.

And Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke tells Senate Budget Committee this morning that the recovery is taking hold, although it will take years for jobs to bounce back to pre-recession levels.

The recovery is slow, but the economy is headed in the right direction.

The question is: Will the recovery continue making slow but steady progress or will politics screw things up?

Democrats blubbering about changing the filibuster rules and Republican theatrics with reading the Constitution don’t offer much hope for statesmanship and common sense taking control in Washington.

Click here to see Bernanke’s budget committee testimony.

Photo: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke takes his seat on Capitol Hill in Washington Friday, Jan. 7, 2011, prior to testifying before the Senate Budget Committee.  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)