Consumer Reports unveils Naughty & Nice shopping list

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Consumer Reports has come out with its first “Naughty & Nice Holiday List,” which highlights some of the best and worse corporate shopping policies.

ME_SANTA_001.jpg“Our goal isn’t to laud one company or put down another, but to call out specific policies that we think put consumers first or put them behind the eight ball,” Tod Marks, senior editor and resident shopping expert at Consumer Reports, said in a statement.

Some big names aren’t going to like what CR has to say.

Macy’s is pounded for high shipping fees and is No. 8 on the “Naughty List.” Tops on the “Naughty List” is, which is blasted for its no returns policy for any TV model 27 inches or larger.

Topping the “Nice List” is Southwest Airline which draws high praise for not charging fliers for their first two pieces of checked luggage.

Coming in at No. 10 on the “Nice List” is supermarket chain Publix. The Florida-based company gets kudos for dispensing a 14-day supply of free antibiotics, as long as the customer has a valid perscription.

If we could only get Publix to enter the Knoxville market.

CR’s online Holiday Shopping Guide offers a lot more than the “Naughty & Nice List” including stories on avoiding holiday debt, the best deals on electronics gifts and what to watch for when buying gift cards.

CR’s complete “Naughty & Nice Holiday List

Photo: AP files