Knox Chamber cranks up battle for Midway

The Knoxville Chamber has cranked up a new Web campaign to build support for the controversial Midway Business Park proposal.

Now, when you visit the Chamber’s website, the first page that loads is a green and blue “Support the Midway Business Park” graphic that links to a new website —

Midwayfacts has detailed information about the proposed business park, including why the Chamber supports the project and a chart that compares the amount of industrial property available for development in Knox County and other communities in the region.

Midwayfacts also has a link to Knox County government’s Midway Business Park public input website.

“We want to make sure that business people are aware that Mayor Burchett and county government have this portal where they can voice their support for Midway Business Park,” said Garrett Wagley, the chamber’s vice president of policy and public relations.

It’s too early to know how effective the new website will be, it’s only be online since late on Tuesday, Wagley said.

As mentioned on this blog previously, I think the Midway park is a good idea. It will help attract new businesses to the county and new businesses means new jobs.

I appreciate the concerns opponents of the project have about urban sprawl and their fear the park will harm the rural environment in East Knox County.

But the Midway project will be good for the entire county.

For a different perspective on the proposed business park here’s a column by community advocate Lisa Starbuck that was published in the News Sentinel.