Salvador Dali takes over financial markets

In normal times, it would be considered good news when a company reports quarterly earnings of $4.3 billion, smashing even the most optimistic expectations.

dd21a2e537ab1511d90e6a706700d3f6.jpgBut not this week. This week surrealism rules.

After Apple Inc. released its quarterly financial statement on Monday, news stories on Tuesday were filled with talk of “disappointed investors” and anaylsts moaning that Apple didn’t sell as many iPads as the analysts had hoped.

I don’t get it. Is this bizarro world?

Why weren’t analysts dancing in the street? Apple had an amazing quarter. Consumers can’t get enough of Apple products. Isn’t that good news for Apple investors and even better news for the economy?

I thought companies were supposed to earn a profit. The bigger the better.

But apparently earning billions of dollars in three months only counts when you meet analysts expectations.

Salvador Dali would love it.

Photo: Associated Press archives