Healthcare reform: What it means to you

Businesses and consumers looking for a clear explanation of what healthcare reform means to them should check out Consumer Reports’ November issue or its website.

Among other things,the magazine explains what the new rules mean if you currently buy private insurance or are covered by an emloyer’s plan or are uninsured.

Small business owners will find helpful information about tax credits.

Also included are state by state rankings of private health plans based on customer satisfaction and other criteria.

Few issues have been as controversial or generated as much misinformation as the health reform debate. All sides in the political wrestling match have stretched the truth to further their particular agenda.

Consumer Reports advocated for passage of health care reform, but I found its report to be an even-handed explanation of what it all means.

Click here for Consumer Reports’ online report.

“Though far from perfect, the new health-reform law will go a long way toward providing affordable, reliable, and safe health care for all Americans. We’re proud to have helped push for its historic passage. Now we are working to ensure the law is implemented fairly and that consumers fully benefit from the changes it will bring,” Consumer Reports President Jim Guest says in an article.