Clinton company keeping U.S. Marines warmer

1153d41693027c0fd60e6a706700913b.jpgWhen U.S. Marines climb into new sleeping bags they will be warmer thanks to a new insulation developed by Climashield, an insulation manufacturer in Clinton.

said recently it has been selected to provide insulation for the “3 Season Sleeping Bag” that is both lighter and warmer than the insulation used before.

Climashield’s insulation allows production of a new sleeping bag that is “more compact for easy packing without losing any warmth,” said Climashield spokeswoman Christi Hardin.

The new insulation, developed after three years of testing, is 20 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller than previous insulation, the company said in a press release.

“The new 3S was battle-tested in Afghanistan at the end of last year, where temperatures on winter nights can drop to the 20s and 30s. Now, 3S bags are being employed for Marines stationed around the world,” the release says.

Climashield is providing insulation to Propper International, which has a three-year $91 million contract to make sleeping bags for the Marines. Financial terms of Climashield’s deal with Propper were not disclosed.

Climashield employs and contracts approximately 20 to 50 workers, Hardin said.

Climashield was purchased two years ago by private company HarVest CI after Climashield’s former parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.

Climashield has been making insulation for 25 years for a varity of products used by the  outdoor recreation, military and hospitality industries.

Photo: Associated Press. U.S. Marines in Korea