Big Orange ice cream connection

Few guarantees exist in the marketing world, but in East Tennessee any product associated with University of Tennessee football is assured of capturing public attention.

 With that in mind, Athens, Tenn.-based Mayfield Dairy recently introduced its annual collegiate ice cream flavor — Big Orange Blast.

That’s right, it’s ice cream time in Tennessee.


“Fans of the Tennessee Volunteers can join Mayfield in rooting for their favorite football team while indulging in a cold, delicious treat inspired by the Big Orange itself,” Mayfield President Scottie Mayfield said in a press release.

And in that special language of release writers, Mayfield describes Big Orange Blast as “a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream with a tangy swirl of orange sherbert.”

Ice cream isn’t a traditional football snack food like beer and hotdogs, but I’m thinking Mayfield will have a hard time keeping up with demand for the Volunteer inspired ice cream.

The Big Orange Blast container featuring Tennessee’s Power T and checkerboard end zone could even become a collector’s item.

O.K., that’s probably going too far.