New credit card rules haven’t ended life as we know it

Despite the gloomy predictions of some, the new credit card regulations have not brought an end to civilization.

In fact, annual fees are less common and offers of super-low teaser rates have increased, according to an Associated Press report.

IPO+VISA.jpgMany experts believed banks would bring back annual fees to recapture revenue lost to the new regs and that teaser rates would disappear.

Of course, we’re only a few months into implementation of the new credit card rules. Banks could get greedy and the credit card atmosphere could take a turn for the worse.

Some lenders have cancelled consumer accounts and tightened lending criteria in the wake of the new regs. But on the whole, the new rules appear to be good for consumers.

Personally, I like the new credit card statements. They have more information and are easier to read.

Here’s the AP report: Credit cards so far avoid worst-case predictions

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Photo: Associated Press