Clinton wedding good for the economy

I was at the gym this morning working off last night’s M&M Pretzels when I had a great idea to help the economy.

To be fair, the credit should go to Fox news.

The Fox folk were making fun of how much former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are paying for their daughter Chelsea’s upcoming wedding — $3 million, maybe as much as $5 million, according to various reports.

As the Fox story played across the screen, I thought, sure, this is a lot of money and I hope my girls don’t get any ideas, but what a boost to the economy.


That’s millions of dollars going to florists, caterers, security companies and other businesses. A bunch of folks will be working the Clinton wedding, that’s for sure.

Clinton+2008+Puerto+Rico.jpgWhat an example the Clintons are setting for rich people across the country. If all high rollers started spending more than they usually do, think how that would help the GDP.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding. How about the Bill Gates Labor Day bash for 5,000 of his closest friends? Maybe, the Warren Buffett Stock Market Picnic for everybody in Omaha?

And if all those Fortune 1000 companies started spending the cash they’ve been hoarding  while the recovery stumbles along, then we’d see some real growth.

Call all the rich people in your address book and tell them it’s time to start spending. It’s their patriotic duty.

AP file photo.