Lots happening at Forks of the River

Cornell Dubilier Foil’s reopening of the former Panasonic aluminum foil plant in Forks of the River Industrial Park continues a run of good news coming out of the park.

Several other plants at the East Knox County park have seen significant investment or otherwise done well in the last couple of years, including Melaleuca, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, PSC Metals and House Hasson, says Doug Lawyer, director of economic development for the Knoxville Chamber.


” … lots of expansions/retention happening there now. We even pressure washed the entrance sign. Contrary to opinions of some, Forks is alive and well!,” Lawyer wrote in an e-mail.

Not all of the news our of Forks of the River has been so cheery. The recession took a huge bite out of Sea Ray’s boat making operations, for example.

However, on the whole Lawyer’s point is justified.

Let’s hope Lawyer and other local economic development officials keep it going. That’s what they get paid for.