Watch your wallet — more airline fees

Never underestimate the airline industry’s ability to pick your pocket.

Spirit Airline, a discount carrier, announced it will start charging a new fee — up to $45 each way for carry-on bags.

Spirit, which mostly flies between the Southeast U.S. and Latin America, says the fee will be charged for bags that go in the overhead bin. If you can cram the bag under the seat, there’s no charge.

The fee will help empty planes faster, Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza said.

Gimme a break. It’s a money grab.

Most airlines charge for checked bags. Rest assured the major airlines will be watching to see how the public responds to Spirit’s carry-on fee. If Spirit is successful, the big boys will follow suit.(Spirit does not serve Knoxville, but it does operate routes in and out of Atlanta.)

This isn’t the first time Spirit has come up with creative charges. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Spirit planned to implement a”passenger usage fee” for every ticket sold. The airline planned to charge as much as $10 extra per ticket unless the ticket was purchased at a Spirit ticket counter.

Even if you’re not a Spirit customer, this might be a good time to be proactive. Let your favorite airline know enough is enough.