Houston, we have a problem

Posted by News Sentinel Business Editor Bill Brewer
Another sign of the impending apocalypse? You decide, but when a company’s local marketing/pr staffer has a pr firm in another state speak for her I’m heading for the hills and hiding under a rock.
Apple Inc. is creating another nationwide buzz with the Saturday release of its iPad, a computer the size and shape of a tablet that’s easier to handle than a laptop but larger and easier to read than an iPhone.
Given recent history with Apple’s release of the iPhone and iPod and the long lines of customers they incited, a call to West Town Mall management was in order Friday to plan for possible news coverage of the local Apple Store’s iPad release.

We simply wanted to know if West Town expected a line for the iPad, and if one did form, could we photograph it. An earlier phone call to Apple yielded a prompt but unhelpful “nyet” when asked if we could photograph inside the Apple Store.
So, we contacted the nearby mall. After three calls to West Town’s marketing/pr manager, a response came from a pr firm in Houston informing us of the response from West Town’s marketing specialist. Houston, we have communication problem.
I wonder if my rock comes with an iSmokeSignal.