Midway Business Park delayed or dead?

If politicians are adept at anything — a big assumption — it’s counting votes before they actually vote on an issue.

Evidence to that point came at the Knox County Commission meeting last month when commissioners tabled a vote on the proposed Midway Business Park.

A story in Metro Pulse says the vote was too close to call and if delayed again in April, the commission won’t face a decision until after the primary.

Chances are pretty good  the commission will wait until after the primary. But will they make the right decision?

The park has been controversial since it was first proposed. Some East Knox County residents and community organizations such as the Eighth District Preservation Association and the French Broad Preservation Association oppose the project, saying it would harm the rural nature of the area, bringing traffic, pollution other problems.

The Knoxville Chamber, among others, supports the park as a much-needed jobs generator and economic driver.

For some commissioners, the controversy presents the classic dilemma and response — “some of my friends are for it and some are against it and I stand with my friends.”

The commissinoers are feeling the heat, but sometimes leaders have to make tough decisions.

I can appreciate the position of those opposed to the park, but it comes down to jobs, jobs, jobs.

Here’s hoping the park is delayed but not dead.