What do your employees crave?

The employee-employer relationship is undergoing a massive transformation in the wake of the Great Recession, according to a global survey by professional services firm Towers Watson.

In today’s workplace, employees prefer the stability of a job for life with one company instead of jumping from job to job, the Global Workforce Study found.

Key findings of the survey of 20,000 employees in 22 countries include:

— Security and stability trump all.

— Employees know they are responsible for their own financial security, health, career and performance “but have serious doubts about their ability to take on these roles.”

— Mobility is low as many employees give up potential career growth for job security.

— Employee “confidence in leaders and managers is disturbingly low.”

The study raises interesting questions for employers to ponder as the economy emerges from recession and companies and employees consider what happens next.

Towers Watson offers this observation:

“We we see a new employment relationship emerging that is grounded in three interrelated organizational dimensions:

— Fostering self-reliance on the part of employees

— Creating a more personalized work experience for segments of the workforce, aligned with how people add value to the business

— Strengthening agility and flexibility in the organization’s structure, processes, management style and delivery of workplace programs”

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