Chamber blasts Rep. Niceley

In an unusual move that will undoubtedly have sparks flying in Nashville, the Knoxville Chamber today labeled state Rep. Frank Niceley as ‘hostile to business.’

The chamber detailed its objections to five bills sponsored by the Strawberry Plains Republican that, in the words of the chamber, would be ” burdensome to businesses and limit economic development.”

I don’t recall the chamber ever being this harsh and slapping this label on a local Rep.

Garrett Wagley, the chamber’s director of communications and government relations, confirmed that this is the first time the chamber has issued this kind of press release against a local legislator.

Wagley said chamber officials have met with Niceley to discuss their opposition but were unable to persuade him to withdraw his sponsorhip.

“We not the only ones against these bills,” Wagley said. “The Tennessee Chamber and other big four (city) chambers have joined us in opposing them.”