Broken hubcap — what a pain

From News Sentinel Business Editor Bill Brewer:

To the hundreds of other media brethren out there who have received dirty, broken hubcaps today as part of a national pr blitz. I feel your frustration.
I know this plays into the hands of EZ Street cold asphalt, but couldn’t the organization’s public relations blitz be a little less obnoxious and more economical.

Yes, the timing is right. Pot holes are pervasive now, and nearly every community is trying to figure out how to repair them cost effectively.
But a used hubcap with a “toe tag” pronouncing its death at the whim of an unfilled pot hole?
At least two other people in the Sentinel newsroom received the same 16-by-16 inch box with the deceased auto part and a small stand to display it.
There seems to be no end to the extravagant waste pr and ad departments commit in launching campaigns.
Note to municipal landfills everywhere: Good luck recycling this business brainstorm