People with too much money

Forget all those boring government reports hinting about recovery. The surest sign the economy is bouncing back is when comic books sell for a million bucks.

Late last month it happened twice. At an auction in Dallas, an anonynous collector paid $1,075,500 for a 1939 copy of Detective Comics No. 27, the first comic book to feature Batman, the Associated Press reported. Three days earlier, Superman’s debut comic book sold for $1 million in a private sale, according to the wire service story.

“It pretty much blew away all of our expectations and now it’s the highest price ever raised for a comic book,” said Barry Sandoval, director of operations of Heritage’s comics divisio

Makes me  want to clean out the attic.

For more info on the comic book market here’s an interesting Web site and here’s another one.

Of course, if you really want to build that nest egg, talking to a broker or financial adviser would be the best idea.

But what fun is that.