Internet bric-a-brac: New scouting reports on Jarnell Stokes and Jordan McRae

While today is technically my day off (i.e. a chance to catch up on writing preseason team previews for Blue Ribbon), I wanted to  share these recently posted scouting reports from NBA Draft Insider on Tennessee’s Jarnell Stokes and Jordan McRae. Take these for what they’re worth, but there’s some good insight provided on each player’s game.

Stokes, rated here as the No. 20 overall prospect in the 2014 NBA draft, is compared to Nick Collison, who has averaged 22.8 mpg over a nine-year NBA career. While Stokes’ shortcomings are noted — height, limited offensive arsenal — this review is high on his offensive rebounding ability, upside and strength. LINK

McRae, rated as the No. 45 prospect, is called “a big game shooter, good passer, sees the floor well, and has the athletic intangibles to be an elite defender on the perimeter.” McRae is compared to Lance Stephenson, who just completed his third year with the Indiana Pacers and has developed into a solid 9 ppg/4 rpg/3 apg player after appearing in just 12 games as a rookie (he was the 40th overall pick in the 2010 draft). This review of McRae concludes that his is “one of the rising names on the perimeter in this draft class.” LINK

If you’re wondering what, exactly,  NBA Draft Insider is, here’s a link to the site’s “About” page.