An explanation on the Tennessee-Kentucky series, SEC scheduling

I’ve received a few Kentucky-related questions from readers since today’s story on the 2013-14 Tennessee schedule was posted.

In the story I stated, “As a result of the elimination of SEC divisions, Kentucky won’t be making a regular-season trip to Knoxville for the first time since 1952-53. In 2014-15, UT will host the Wildcats, but not make a return trip to Lexington.”

A few folks asked if the second part of that statement was set in stone.

The answer: Yes.

Here’s why: The SEC scheduling rotation is in year two of an agreed upon three-year plan. Each conference team has a “permanent rival” that it plays home-and-home each year in the rotation. Tennessee’s rival is Vanderbilt.

Now this is the important part when it regards Tennessee-Kentucky. All non-permanent rival teams play each other home and home one year, away only one year and home only one year. At the end of the three-year rotation schools will have played their rival six times (three home and three away) and everyone else four times (two home and two away).

Tennessee and Kentucky played a home-and-home last year. This year the Vols only go to Lexington. Next year Kentucky will only play in Knoxville.

Everything is up in the air following 2014-15.

Hope that makes sense.