My favorite quote from UT football media day …

Speaking with Tennessee senior Dontavis Sapp at Thursday’s Tennessee football media day, he dropped a helluva quote that I couldn’t manage to fit into this story for today’s New Sentinel.

In discussing players’ perceptions of new coach Butch Jones, Sapp told me most of the Vols believed Jones exaggerated his relationship with Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra.

That’s when Sapp dropped this …

“He used to always talk to us about, ‘Yeah, my boy Erik Spoelstra just sent me a text saying this and that,’ and everyone is whispering in the team room like, ‘C’mon man, (Spoelstra) don’t want nothing to do with no Butch Jones. He just won the NBA Finals.’

“Well, yesterday he proved us wrong.”

Spoelstra, of course, showed up on campus on Wednesday, visiting with the team and attending two practice sessions.