Gameday 8 Vol Stuff

Even though it’s the 4th Saturday of October, it’s time for
another battle between two long-time SEC rivals that made
the 3rd Saturday of October famous in college football circles. 
It’s going to be good when both of these schools once again have
their A games and are relevant on the national scene.  Until then,
we Vol fans need to be patient with a new coaching staff focused on
getting Tennessee on-track to compete at the highest level in the BCS. 
Today’s matchup on paper is as bad as it gets for this
year’s Tennessee team.  All of Tennessee’s strength’s and weaknesses
are trumped and highlighted by Bama’s.  To keep things in perspective,
LSU was a similar nightmare matchup on paper for the Vols also with the
exception of consistent play at the QB position.  While Bama’s QB isn’t
lighting up the stat sheets, he does protect the ball which is what the
LSU QB by committee can’t seem to do consistently.  And while Lucky Les
and his OC helped keep the Vols in the game at Baton Rouge by trying to
unnecessarily force the downfield passing game resulting in four Tiger
turnovers, don’t look for that same help tonight at Neyland from Saban &
staff.  The Vols will have an uphill battle stopping the Tide rushing game. 
The Vols will have an equally tough time rushing the ball against a very
stout Bama front 7.  This is a very different Vol team compared to last year’s
group that almost, actually should have, pulled the upset in Tuscaloosa. 
This Vol team just doesn’t have the offensive or defensive line personnel
to match up with Bama’s…on paper.  The cool thing historically about this
series is that many upsets have been pulled off by both teams through the
years that on paper were one-sided matchups similar to this year’s.  So
fortunately the game won’t be played on paper and we’ll see if an over-matched
Vol team can do something special on Gameday 8 at Neyland.  If so, the 4th
Saturday of October just might turn out to be another very popular day at
least in Vol country. 

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