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Vol Stuff (11/30/09)

Top 10 reasons Vols make it 25 in a row against Cats
Vols-Cats post game notes
Vols different team now than in September
Berry named Lott Award finalist
Crompton evolves into Mr. Clutch
Vols in the NFL report
Miscellaneous Vol Stuff (Marvin West)
SEC Gameday 13 notes & bowl projections
#1 & 2 teams in the BCS meet for SEC title
Gameday 13 D1 notes (SEC still better than ACC)
Highs & Lows from Gameday 13
DB level cranks up for D1 playoff
More bowl projections

Vol Stuff (11/29/09)

Vols-Cats recaps
Recaps from Lexington
Hardesty closes out regular season big
Cats QB takes blame for loss
Berry gets offensive touches for a change
Outback or Chick-Fil-A most likely bowl destination options for Vols
Lady Vols take care of UCLA
SEC Gameday 13 recap
SEC Gameday 13 helmet stickers

Gameday 13 Vol Stuff (11/28/09)

Hard to believe that the last day of the 09 regular season has arrived for the Vols.  I believe football season passes faster than any other time of the year and probably for all the right reasons.  What a battle is waiting on the Vols in Lexington tonight.  They’re catching a hot Kentucky team with lots of mojo going after winning for the first time in Athens in 32 years.  Give Rich Brooks credit, he’s doing it in Lexington better than pretty much all of his predecessors.  It’s a different era but even Bear Bryant didn’t take Kentucky to four straight bowl games.  Amazingly with all the good things going on in Lexington with football, the Kentucky websites are still 85% basketball with just a couple of token articles listed for football.  But a win over the Vols could change that significantly for at least a couple of days.  The streak has to be wearing thin in Lexington.  Vandy was able to break theirs in 05 but Kentucky just hasn’t been able to make the plays in the 4Q to get the W against the Vols.  And if the Cats are going to get it done, they probably need to do it now as you get the feeling that the Vols will be getting stronger each year under the direction of this coaching staff.  Certainly this Vol team has the least amount of depth than any Vol team will be bringing into a tussle with the Cats anytime soon.  And the Cats have the home grown playmaker Cobb that would really like to enjoy a Christmas visit in Alcoa having a W over the hometown Vols in his back pocket.  Seems like in addition to the home field advantage, the Cats have a whole lot of things going for them in this year’s matchup.  Is it enough to break the streak?  We’ll find out shortly but I think the Vols have a legit shot at taking the streak to 25.  For whatever reason, this Cats team plays better on the road than they do at home.  Of course, Kiffin and the Vols haven’t won on the road yet either.  But when you look at who they’ve played on the road, it’s easy to see why.  Let’s hope the Vols can kick a field goal tonight.  That very well may be the difference in 25 in a row or a 6-6 season for TN.  All the best to the Vols in picking up a big road W tonight in Lexington.
Vols-Cats Gameday info
25 is an important number for Vols
Keys for Vols against Cats
Vols can’t rely on history against Cats
Lady Vols-UCLA tip it up today, 3pm
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Vol Stuff (11/27/09)

Vols-College of Charleston tip it up tonight, 7pm
Vols-Cats matchup analysis
TN-KY depth charts
Vol practice reports
Vol OL busting it to protect Crompton
Vol PK Mathis saw chance to help Vols
SEC Gameday 13 ramblings
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Thanksgiving Day Vol Stuff

Lady Vols take care of business against MTSU
Vol practice reports
Kiffin sets up a very Berry surprise for cats
Vol seniors get ready for last tackle drill
Kiffin takes flak for Jackson’s return
Vol try to game plan to stop former Alcoa player Randall Cobb
Vol recruiting news
Vols early signing period hoops class gets a #4 ranking from Rivals
Vol Ben Martin recognized by SEC
Kiffins not the only SEC coaching family
Will Kiffin win AJC’s sports turkey of the year contest?
Who is the best QB in the SEC?
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SEC juniors that may be NFL bound
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Vol Stuff (11/25/09)

Lady Vols-MTSU tonight @ 8pm
Chick-Fil-A bowl will be in Lexington
Kiffin Tuesday presser transcript
Thompson to play in Lexington
Jackson to start against cats
News from Lexington
SEC Gameday 13 matchup previews
SEC Gameday 13 things to watch
SEC Gameday 13 picks
Richt on the hot seat with UGA fans
ND cancels Weiss recruiting plans

Vol Stuff (11/24/09)

Vols drop first game of the season to Purdue
A lot on the line with Vols Gameday 13 trip to Lexington
Wes Brown gets SEC recognition for Gameday 12 performance
Lane Kiffin running 5th in AJC’s sports turkey of the year voting
Lady Vols-MTSU to be state-wide tv broadcast
SEC rankings
SEC Gameday 12 highs & lows
Several SEC players finalists for national awards
Meyer says he’s not leaving UF
ND QB Jimmy Clausen punched by irate fan

Vol Stuff (11/23/09)

Charges dropped against Janzen Jackson
Vols battle past DePaul to reach Jam championship game
Chism steps up for hoops Vols
Hopson getting national attention
Wintry weather no stranger to Vols-Cats gamedays (Marvin West)
Top 10 Kiffin quotes of 09
Monday morning scoreboard
Walk-ons huge to 09 Vols
Vols in the NFL
SEC Gameday 12 review
D1 Gameday 12 highs & lows

Vol Stuff (11/22/09)

Top 10 reasons Vols get a W on Gameday 12

Vols almost get Slive’d against ‘Dores

Vols Gameday 12 recaps,-Vanderbilt-16

Vol seniors deliver in last game at Neyland

Wes Brown has perfect ending to his playing days at Neyland

Eric Berry deserves the accolades

Miscellaneous Gameday 12 Vol Stuff

Lady Vols pick up road W at #12 UVA

News from Nashville

News from Lexington

SEC bowl projections

Around the SEC from Gameday 12—sunday-notes12.aspx—nov-21.aspx

SEC Gameday 12 helmet stickers

Gameday 12 Vol Stuff (11/21/09)

Time to wind the football season down as the Vol hoops team gets cranked up.  The next two games for the Vols are probably going to be tougher than a Vol fan wants.  The injury bug and unplanned attrition has taken the Vols depth chart to a low level that you usually expect of the Vandys & Kentuckys this time of the year.  It’s definitely not a situation you expect of a TN team.  Regardless, the games must be played and let’s hope there are no additional key injuries or players leaving for whatever the reason or a bowl game might be a stretch.  The one thing going for the Vols tonight is that Vandy doesn’t have an offense and the Vols, after a slow start, do. Good thing as a beat up Vol defense is going to struggle against any competent offensive unit and could wind up making Vandy’s look better than it is tonight.  This would be a good night to let Hardesty go for a Vol single game rushing record and try to keep the Vol D unit off the field.  Vols need to get through tonight without any major drama against their mid-state rival and take as many healthy players to Lexington next week as possible.  Tonight may be tough, next week will be a war in bluegrass country.  All the best to the Vols on taking care of business tonight at Neyland.
Vol Gameday 12 info
Lady Vols head to VA for weekend road trip into ACC country
News from Vandy
What school will top safety Matt Elam pick
SEC Gameday 12 picks
SEC Gameday 12 ramblings