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Regan Farr Cleared of Any Criminal Wrongdoing by TBI

News release from DA Torry Johnson’s office:
Davidson County District Attorney General Torry Johnson and 15th Judicial District Attorney General Tommy Thompson have announced that a TBI investigation into former State Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr has concluded. The investigation yielded no evidence of criminal wrong-doing on the part of the former cabinet member.
The review of that office was launched in August 2010, amid questions about how the investigations of sales tax revenues of some businesses were handled. One of the duties of the Revenue Commissioner is to oversee tax collections and investigations for the state. Johnson says the TBI’s investigation was closed when there was no evidence found to justify criminal charges against Farr.
“Allegations of possible public corruption are always taken seriously; however, in this situation, it appears the claims were the result of policy differences within the department and not any criminal conduct on the part of the former commissioner,” stated Johnson.
Farr left the position of Revenue Commissioner on September 1 last year to return to the private sector.

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