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Bible Distribution Halted in White County Schools

Schools in White County will ban the Gideons from distributing Bibles to students in classrooms, according to a deal announced Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee. So reports the Tennessean.
Hedy Weinberg, executive director for ACLU-TN, said her organization received a complaint that members of the Gideons handed out Bibles last month at Doyle Elementary School in Doyle, about 100 miles east of Nashville.
The Gideons came into the classroom, and students were invited up to get a Bible if they wanted one. A student said she didn’t want to take one but felt pressured to do so.
Her mother later complained to school officials and then to the ACLU, according to a statement from the civil liberties group. The Gideons, a nonprofit ministry based in Nashville, did not respond to a request for comment.
Weinberg said she was pleased that the White County Schools had agreed to stop the Bible distributions.

Inheriting the Anti-Evolution Wind?

An American Civil Liberties Union leader says a bill sponsored by Knoxville’s Rep. Bill Dunn is a backdoor means of promoting the teaching of creationism and the debunking of evolution in Tennessee schools.
In a House Education Subcommittee meeting, the measure was also criticized by Jerry Winters, lobbyist for the Tennessee Education Association, as a “lawyer’s dream” containing “some of the most convoluted language I’ve ever seen in a bill.”
Dunn said the measure — HB368 — is simply a move to help students become ‘critical thinkers’ on scientific subjects and that opponents are trying to ‘get off on some tangent’ by wrongfully saying ‘we think there may be something hidden in there.’

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