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Inconvenient and Inconsistent Truths

A snippet from Anne Paine’s report on a movie produced by Nashville radio talker Phil Valentine, an Inconsistent Truth, that attacks Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
Gore’s movie is “lopsided to one side,” he (Valentine) said. “Ours is lopsided to the other as balance.”
Gore’s office declined to comment on Valentine and his movie.
Valentine’s statements came after the first showing — a private one — of the 90-minute film. It ended with hearty applause from the audience, which included the film’s volunteer crew, family members and supporters.
The movie overall equates environmentalism and efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases with a kind of religious zeal that is part of a political power grab.

Note: Website on Valentine’s movie is HERE.
See also, Southern Beale, where the movie is deemed funny and summed up thusly: So, Valentine has basically made a documentary with an all-volunteer crew to debunk climate change by saying it’s phony because Al Gore is fat.

Valentines for Legislators?

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition has come up with an interesting fundraising gimmick: Send them a donation and they’ll send a valentine to the state legislator of your choice.
Examples: For one legislator getting a valentine card, it’s $5. For all 99 state reps, $400. Or a card and teddy bear (wearing a shirt that says “I have a heart for immigrants and refugees”) for one legislator, $75.
This inspired Metro Pulse to suggest readers send stuff to Sen. Stacey Campfield, which inspired Campfield to say he’d be happy to accept (except that lobbyists should be mindful of the gift-to-legislator rules and such).