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Johnson City’s Terrorizing Turkeys Knifed by TWRA Officer

A couple of wild turkey gobblers that had been chasing people and otherwise causing a nuisance were killed by TWRA Officer David Carr with a knife, reports the Johnson City Press. While the turkeys had upset some folks, the slayings upset others.
Initially, a special permit had been issued to a local resident that would have allowed the birds to be shot.
Carr said the permit was never utilized. Instead, Crum killed the pair of turkeys with a knife Friday following another call from a nearby business that a patron had been chased around their vehicle. When he arrived at the business complex on Limited Centre Street where the mischievous birds were located, Crum had to act based on the fact businesses were open and located near a high-traffic area.
“It was unsafe to shoot,” he said. “They were dispatched quickly and humanely without the discharge of a firearm for public safety. It was just down the road from where the permit was issued. It would not have been a safe area to discharge a firearm.”
…Crum decided to slaughter the wild birds in order to rid the neighborhood of the terrorizing turkeys. The method used to dispatch the birds is a concern for some of the local fans of the deceased gobblers.
“To me, this is totally bizarre and unnecessary,” said John Conley, a broker agent at Century Pro Service Realtor, No. 3 Limited Centre. “I never had a bit of problems. A couple of agents were petting them earlier that afternoon (before they were killed).”
Conley’s workplace sits just across from the sidewalk stained with a trail of blood that shows evidence of the turkeys’ demise. Conley said he and fellow employees enjoyed seeing the turkeys and had recently watched them eat berries off neighboring trees.