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On Haslam and His Hometown Ties

Gov. Bill Haslam doesn’t live in Knoxville anymore, but still considers it home and says that his hometown ties may provide some indirect benefit to those still living there.
“I love my job and we like being in Nashville,” he said. “But if people ask me where I’m from, I say I’m from Knoxville.”
He and his wife, Crissy, live in the state-owned executive residence in Nashville, which went through major remodeling and renovation initiated by his predecessor, former Gov. Phil Bredesen. But for legal purposes, including voting, he maintains his official residence in Knoxville.
Haslam visits the city he served as mayor fairly often — though not as much as he would like, he said in an interview.
A review of the governor’s public schedule indicates that Haslam’s trip to Knoxville to vote on Friday, Oct. 26, was the 41st publicly announced appearance at an event in Knox County since his inauguration on Jan. 15, 2011.
For comparison, Haslam has had 38 events in Shelby County at the other end of the state during the same time period. His wife, Crissy, grew up in Memphis and still visits family members there “as often as they can,” according to a spokesman.

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