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TCAP Scores Rise for Third Straight Year

For the third year in a row since the state raised its educational standards, Tennessee’s students have made gains on the state’s Comprehensive Assessment Program, according to data released by the state on Thursday, reports the News Sentinel.
“This is a very positive step for our state,” said Gov. Bill Haslam. “We’ve had steady growth and progress since 2010.”
The governor said the results show the state’s education system is moving toward the goal of having more students prepared for jobs, answering a common complaint he receives from the state’s business leaders.
“They’ll say, ‘We love being here. It’s a great business environment. But please prepare more folks who are ready for the workforce,'” Haslam said.
Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman said the results were a cause for celebration, citing the overall upward swing in scores and figures, indicating a “narrowing gap” between children from low-income families and those from higher-income brackets.
“They (the scores) went up even faster for our kids on free and reduced-price lunch,” he said, adding this is counter to a national trend where the gap between student performance in income groups appears to be increasing.
Other highlights of Thursday’s release included:
Nearly 91,000 additional students were at or above grade level in all math subjects, as compared to 2010.
Nearly 52,000 additional students were at or above level in all math subjects.
For the first time since standards were raised, more than 50 percent of students were on grade level in every TCAP subject.
Students made gains on 22 of 24 tested subjects.

Scores Up Statewide in TCAP Testing (23 of 24 categories)

Students statewide showed improved average test scores in 23 of 24 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program categories this year, according to data released Tuesday.
Gov. Bill Haslam declared the score results “great news” that “makes it hard for anyone to argue that Tennessee is not on the right path now in education.”
The governor and Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman, joined by state legislators to in a celebratory announcement of the score results at a Nashville school, said gains in the key subjects of math and science were particularly impressive. Eighth-grade reading was the only subject that did not show gains this year.
The results, Haslam and Huffman acknowledged, still leave room for improvement.
About 47 percent of students scored at proficient levels or advanced in math, up from 41 percent a year earlier, an improvement that means 55,000 more students statewide achieved the desired level.

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TCAP Scores for All School Districts Available Online

News release from state Department of Education:
NASHVILLE, TN- The Tennessee Department of Education today released district-level 2010-2011 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test results. Now available online, the statewide and district-by-district breakdown shows how each school district performed in advancing student growth in all subject areas and grade levels three through eight.
“Tennessee educators deserve immense credit for their hard work this year in helping our students achieve marked improvements and success,” Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam said. “We want to make Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs, and the cornerstone of that effort is a great education system. I’m very encouraged by these latest results, and we’re all committed to continuing to work together to improve the classroom experience for every student across the state.”
Across the state, Tennessee students scored higher in all subject areas and grade levels in grades three through eight on this year’s TCAP achievement tests by comparison to 2009-2010 results. Student math scores grew by 7% and reading scores grew by 3.7%. These improvements show student success with the heightened academic standards implemented last year. An extended version of the statewide press conference is available online.
For the first time, TCAP achievement test results are being made publicly available on the department’s website in a district-by-district breakdown that shows the percentage of students who scored at the below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced levels in grades three through eight. High school end of course results and AYP determinations are not finalized and will likely be released in the coming weeks.
“Our prompt release of student achievement data demonstrates the department’s commitment to transparency,” said Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman. “We must measure our progress by how much our students accomplish, and both educators and the public need timely access to comprehensive student achievement data to accurately measure our progress.”
Students in Grades 3-8 take the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test each spring. The Achievement Test is a timed, multiple choice assessment that measures skills in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Student results are reported to parents, teachers and administrators. To view the 2010-2011 TCAP results, visit the Tennessee Department of Education website homepage at http://tn.gov/education.