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Haslam Opens Higher Ed Talking Times

Gov. Bill Haslam Tuesday began a round of talks about higher education that, he said, may eventually lead to an infusion of more state funding and some restructuring of operations at the University of Tennessee and the Board of Regents systems.
But the governor told academic and business officials at the initial gathering that he sees a need for “measuring the quality of output by higher education,” especially as it applies producing graduates for available jobs, and for making the system more cost-efficient.
Haslam said he next plans seven regional “roundtable” discussions and will then decide whether to propose a package of legislation to the General Assembly in 2013. It may well be, he said, that most changes can be accomplished through administrative actions and the process will continue for “two or three years.”
The first focus, he said, is asking business, “What are you not getting from us that you need?” and collecting answers with the goal of making colleges better able to prepare graduates for jobs. That could include stepped-up counseling of students, he and others said.

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In Millington, the Mayor and City Officials Aren’t Speaking

The embattled Millington mayor said Thursday he’s running the city more indirectly this week while state authorities are investigating allegations of official misconduct, reports the Commercial Appeal.
Mayor Richard Hodges said he’s avoiding talking to certain department heads and employees who might be asked to give accounts to investigators or a grand jury.
“I’m not talking to people who are getting deposed,” he said.
“… If (the probe) goes further down the road, I don’t want to be in a position where if they ask any employees or me if we had talked or I gave them orders, I can say no,” Hodges said.
“I kept my mouth shut and will not say anything.”
Investigators with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office used search warrants July 27 to raid the mayor’s office, his home, several other city offices and a transmission shop.