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AP Story on Pilot Problems, Jimmy Haslam’s Comments

By Erik Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam on Monday acknowledged a massive hit to the credibility of the family-owned Pilot Flying J truck stop chain following FBI allegations of the widespread fraud of customers at the country’s largest diesel retailer.
Haslam announced at the company’s Knoxville headquarters that he has suspended several members of the sales team after an affidavit filed in federal court disclosed secretly recorded conversations in which Pilot staff boasted about taking advantage of less-sophisticated trucking company customers.
“I, more than anybody, understand the damage that’s been done to our reputation, our brand and our relationships in the trucking community,” Haslam said. “Eight days ago I think we had the best relationships, the best trust in the trucking industry. And we now have the worst. I understand that, I accept responsibility for it.”
Privately held Pilot Flying J posted $29 billion in revenues in 2012. Haslam, who bought the Browns last year, is the brother of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, who also maintains an undisclosed stake in the company founded by their father with a single gas station in 1958.
Jimmy Haslam didn’t name the people placed on administrative leave, specify how many have been suspended or whether they are still being paid. He gave a statement to reporters but refused to take questions.

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Shelby Election Administrator Suspended

The Shelby County Election Commission has voted unanimously to suspend administrator of elections Richard Holden for three days without pay in October, with probation of six months to follow, reports the Commercial Appeal.
Election Commission member George Monger said the board voted Aug. 29 to suspend Holden because of personnel issues in the office and problems with the Aug. 2 election, in which thousands of voters received the wrong ballots.
During Holden’s probation, he will have to modify his management style, Monger said. Another provision of his probation is that the November election will have to run successfully.
“We had a host, a series of issues in the August election and because of that, the buck stops at the top,” Monger said. The disciplinary action was “certainly justified,” he said.

County Court Clerk Steals $100K, Gets Suspended Sentence

A former Sevier County Court Clerk who admitted he stole nearly $100,000 from the county avoided jail time Wednesday by pleading guilty to theft and official misconduct charges, reports the News Sentinel.
Joe Thomas Keener, who resigned in August 2010 after manning the elected post for more than 18 years, received a suspended 10-year prison sentence that he’ll serve on supervised probation, 4th Judicial Circuit District Attorney General James B. Dunn said following a hearing in Sevier County Circuit Court.
Prosecturors contend Keener, 50, stole $94,645.50 in cash from the clerk’s office between July 1 and Aug. 16, 2010.
In accordance with an agreement reached between prosecutors and defense attorney Wade Davies, Keener pleaded guilty to charges of official misconduct and theft of more than $60,000, received the suspended prison sentence and is required to repay $14,109 in restitution for an audit conducted by Sevier County. He must also complete 500 hours of community service work.
Dunn said Keener has already repaid all of the money he stole from the county.

Police Officers Suspended in Union City

UNION CITY, Tenn. (AP) — Four more law officers have been suspended in Union City, Tenn., in the aftermath of the arrest of a police officer.
According to radio station KYTN/WQAK, Union City Police Chief Joe Garner and Obion County Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder said four officers from their departments are part of separate internal investigations.
Garner said three Union City officers were suspended shortly after officer Mike Hogg was arrested by the TBI on theft and fraud charges.
Vastbinder has suspended one deputy with possible knowledge of the case.
Hogg was arrested last Wednesday after an investigation into an alleged theft of an all-terrain vehicle from his home in August. Investigators said he gave the ATV to another individual before the theft report was filed and that he also collected insurance money.
Hogg faces termination

School Board Says Union County School Super is Incompetent

Union County Schools Superintendent Wayne Goforth has been charged with six administrative counts of neglecting his duties, reports the News Sentinel.
It is alleged that he is “incompetent to carry out the duties of his office,” according to documents prepared by the Union County school board attorney and given to the Union County school board this week.
At its Oct. 19 meeting, the board voted 4-3 to suspend Goforth for 15 days without pay.
….The charges, none which are criminal-based, allege that Goforth is inefficient to carry out his duties as superintendent and neglected his duty by:
not correctly soliciting bids for items purchased
accumulating unpaid debts
approving expenditures above appropriations approved by the school board
approving and writing checks when there was no money in the bank
misrepresenting the board in a letter that went out to the Union County Commission
“His continued lack of ability to manage finances demonstrates his incompetency to do his job,” according to the charging documents.

Officials Mum on Suspension of Union County School Chief

Union County officials have been tight lipped on about why Union County School Superintendent Wayne Goforth was suspended this week without pay for 15 days, reports the News Sentinel.
Further, Goforth’s attorney has filed a lawsuit against the school board. Goforth is asking the court to void the suspension, remove the four board members from office and require the defendants personally pay his salary during the suspension.
(Note: As far as statewide news goes, the most prominent thing about Goforth has been his involvement in securing a contract for Union County serving as the center for operation of a virtual schools program, as authorized by legislation approved earlier this year. K-12 Inc. gets about $5,300 per student enrolled; Union County gets 4 percent of that. Previous posts HERE and HERE, for example.)
From the KNS report:
Brian Oaks, the school board’s chairman, said Thursday the board’s attorney is looking at a couple issues, but wouldn’t elaborate on what they were. But, he said, the suspension is not a result of the district’s budget woes.
For months, the board has been trying to balance its budget for next school year, only approving one Wednesday night — during the same meeting it suspended Goforth — that would keep schools open.
“We’re out of money. We’re depending on state and federal moneys,” Oaks said. “To suspend Mr. Goforth had nothing to do with the budget. It’s just an investigation being done by our attorney.”
Goforth became director of the Union County Schools in 2008, when he signed a four-year contract.
He has been advised by his attorney, Herbert S. Moncier, not to discuss the suspension.
Moncier said Thursday he still hadn’t received any information on the pending charges.
“There is no provision of the law for them to do what they did (Wednesday) night,” he said. “We knew in September they were putting on the docket to terminate him. We didn’t know, and still don’t know, any of the grounds.”
… (Board Chairman Mark) DeVault didn’t comment specifically on the what the charges are against Goforth, but said there could be a combination of things that led up to the suspension.
“But more speculation leads to more speculation and more problems,” he said. “I pray and hope we can work this out but it could get worse before it gets better.”
DeVault didn’t comment specifically on the what the charges are against Goforth, but said there could be a combination of things that led up to the suspension.
“But more speculation leads to more speculation and more problems,” he said. “I pray and hope we can work this out but it could get worse before it gets better.”