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Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ Writes an ‘Open Letter to Supporters’

An ‘Open Letter to My Supporters’ from 4th District Congressman Scott DesJarlais, passed along by a recepient:
You have probably seen the recent media coverage regarding details of my divorce from over a decade ago. I had genuinely hoped this election would be about my record in Congress – not a 12 year old divorce.
Unfortunately, my opponent is making the same types of accusations Lincoln Davis used in 2010 when he ran what was described as the nastiest campaign in the nation in an attempt to dominate the headlines.
I know that many of you were disappointed to hear the news regarding allegations of a relationship I had while separated during my divorce proceedings. I am deeply sorry for that. But what was reported in the media was not only inaccurate, it doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.
First, there was never any pregnancy and there was no abortion. Second, my ex-wife and I had been separated for quite some time before this incident. There was an agreement in our separation that both she and I could see other people while finalizing the divorce. To say that I had a mistress or that I had an affair is inaccurate. Third, the media wrongly reported that I recorded the conversation myself. I was recorded unknowingly and without my consent.

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