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Corker: Ready to ‘Reach Across the Aisle’

News release from U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s campaign:
“Elizabeth and I are grateful to the people of our state for once again giving me the privilege of serving Tennessee in the United States Senate. I also appreciate the work of countless people who volunteered their time and resources to help our campaign,” said Senator Corker.
“As I begin a new term, I pledge to continue waking up every day and working to solve the major problems our country faces. I do not take lightly the trust that Tennesseans have given me to reach across the aisle and tackle our nation’s greatest threat – the critical task of getting our country’s fiscal house in order. If we can solve this fiscal challenge appropriately, I believe we will unleash significant economic growth and be able to fully focus on ensuring the greatness of America.”

DesJarlais Victory Statement

Statement issued by U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais through his campaign:
“For the second election in a row, my opponents and the liberal media have tried to ignore the problems facing our nation and instead concentrate solely on a 14 year old divorce.
“Last Night’s election results clearly show that Tennesseans want leaders in Washington who are focused on providing solutions that will ensure a brighter future for our country.
“When I first ran for Congress I promised that I would go to Washington and fight to reduce the size of government, end the deficit spending and repeal ObamaCare. I believe that I have kept these promises and I look forward to using this term to build upon the many successes already achieved by House Republicans.
“I want to thank the voters of Tennessee’s Fourth District for once again giving me the honor of representing them in Congress. I also want to thank my family for their steadfast love and support.”

Mark Clayton’s ‘Victory’ Statement

News release from Mark Clayton campaign:
Mark Clayton is out thanking Democrats who turned out in large numbers in a mandate to restore democracy to our party. With 83% of the votes in from Tennessee Democrats, 655,438, an overwhelming majority of Democrats have now voted for Mark Clayton in the race against the unelected bosses who waged a write-in campaign their own duly nominated leader with unauthorized party resources. Mark Clayton will continue to defend Democrats from unelected bosses and is calling for hearings into the integrity of voting rights in Tennessee when the General Assembly convenes next year.
By calling Democrats “too stupid” to vote and attacking democracy, the unelected bosses drove swing and independent voters from our party and cost Democrats their chance to unseat Bob Corker. We call for the immediate resignation of unelected party bosses in the Tennessee Democratic Party. The people of Tennessee tonight have clearly demanded that Democrats never again be subjugated to bosses who are not elected by Democrats.

DesJarlais: Protecting My Children from ‘Desperate Attacks; Stewart: It’s About a ‘Dirty Politician”

Statement from Congressman Scott DesJarlais on release of transcript from his divorce — previous post HERE — as provided to media via email:
“The sole reason I appeared in Chattanooga today was to protect my children from these desperate attacks being driven by the Tennessee Democratic Party, Lincoln Davis and my ex-wife.
“My opponent and his far-left political allies have done all they can to make this election about everything besides my record in Congress. In fact, it seems that the only opponent that I have ever had to run against is a 14 year old divorce. Despite their efforts, we have remained focused on issues that are important to Tennesseans. Tomorrow’s election results will show that voters are tired of the gutter politics and want someone with a proven track record of fighting to grow jobs, cut spending and pay down our debt.
“It is important to note that these records were never sealed although the media has inaccurately reported otherwise.”

Statement from Eric Stewart campaign, attributed to Campaign Manager Kevin Teets, on the same:
“Congressman DesJarlais is under investigation by the Tennessee Medical Board for sleeping with his own patients, he’s been asked to resign by the Tennessee Conservative Union, and, more importantly he continues to hide from the media and from voters.
“If he’s so proud of his record in Congress, then why has he refused to defend it in front of voters? He’s a do-nothing Congressman and a do-nothing candidate with a history of intimidation, abusing power, and blaming others.
“His campaign continuously throws around labels and blames other people, but only one person slept with his patients, told a patient she needed to go to Atlanta and have an abortion, and had four affairs while still married. That person is Congressman DesJarlais. This isn’t about dirty politics – it’s about a dirty politician. Voters deserve better.”

‘Deeply Sorry’ Rep. Todd Issues Statement

From the House Republican Caucus:
(NASHVILLE, October 12, 2011) – Following the events of last night, Representative Curry Todd (R–Collierville) issued the following statement:
“Let me begin by saying I am deeply sorry for the events of last evening. On the advice of legal counsel, I have decided not to make any public comments about the situation at this time.
“Upon her return to the Capitol, I will have a conversation with Speaker Harwell to determine whether it is in the best interest of the General Assembly for me to step aside as Chairman of the State and Local Government Committee.
“On a personal note, I am incredibly grateful for the calls of support from constituents, colleagues, and friends about this incident.”