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Haslam’s Hesitancy on Statewide School Guards

Gov. Bill Haslam says the idea of putting school resources in all K-12 schools should be a matter of fairness as well as a matter of money… and the two are interrelated. From WPLN:
Williamson and Sumner county schools have proposed putting armed school resource officers in lower grades.
In most districts, the SROs are limited to middle and high schools. Part of the money comes from the state, but Governor Haslam says he’s slow to increase funding on a case-by-case basis.
“Let’s just say we’re going to put school resource officers in and the school district is going to put in X million and the municipality is going to put up Y million and will the state put in Z million? Well, I don’t think that’s fair unless we look at it on a statewide basis.”
The cost of putting armed officers in Williamson County’s elementary schools alone would run close to $2 million.
Currently the state offers just $4.8 million in grants to districts. Roughly a third of them pair the money with local funding for resource officers. Others buy security cameras

Note: See also, the TNReport video on Haslam discussing the subject.