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Senator’s Labrador Retriever, Rueben, is Now ‘Spokesdog’

News release from Senate Republican Caucus:
(NASHVILLE, TN), July 26, 2011 — The Tennessee Senate’s “top dog” Rueben Faulk has a new gig as “Spokesdog” for Spay Tennessee. The organization tapped Rueben, who belongs to State Senator Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill), for the position after watching a news report on the chocolate Labrador Retriever’s “twitters” from Capitol Hill.
Rueben accompanies Senator Faulk from his Church Hill home in Upper East Tennessee to Nashville during the legislative session where he delivers a twitter report on everything from politics to the squirrels on the Capitol lawn. Faulk says Rueben is excited about having his own role in community service in encouraging responsible pet ownership.
“This was a perfect fit for Rueben,” says Faulk. “He definitely has strong opinions on how you need to treat your dog. Now, he gets to lead on that point.”
“We really enjoyed Reuben’s story being told on the news and knew that there are things he can do to help others of his kind by using his twitter account and new-found fame to promote responsible pet ownership,” said Julie Jacobson, of Spay Tennessee. “Preventing unwanted litters is the best way to stop shelter euthanasia. We hope Rueben can help spread the news regarding our referral service to help all Tennessee pet owners find affordable spay/neuter services in their area.”
To find more information about referral services, pet owners can go to http://www.spaytennessee.org/. Rueben’s twitter account can be found at Rueben Faulk@senatewatchdog.