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A Comment on Comments (and spam)

In recent weeks, spam comments have been posted on the blog – mostly on posts that are months old; even years old in several cases – by the hundreds. This flood led, first, to changing some settings so that, as I understand things, it also had the effect of making more difficult, if not impossible, the posting of comments by regular folks.
Then, regretfully, it led last week to a full blocking of all comments. That ended today.
Instead, starting now, comments should be easy to file, but they won’t post until I click on each one. Things are set up so that I get an email each time a comment is posted.
With the spammers, I had to go through and delete each one because they were already on the blog. On a heavy spammer day, I would occasionally spend the better part of an hour deleting spam comments.
With this new setup, a comment won’t be posted until I click to designate it as non-spam. In other words, it’s the reverse of before. I have to click on the valid comments; do nothing on the spam.
I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience at your end. Your comments are very welcome, adding perspective and liveliness to posting that otherwise, I confess, may be a bit on the bland side.
Note: If you want to see what spam comments look like, a couple of recent ones are posted below.

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