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Tommy Haun is NOT Destitute in Spain

Former state Sen. Tommy Haun, now a lobbyist for the Tennessee Sheriffs Association and other clients, says he is “alive and well in Tennessee” despite email received by friends saying he is destitute in Spain and needs money.
Someone apparently hacked into Haun’s email account, got all the addresses of those he corresponds with, then sent the email under his name. The email said Haun, a Greeneville Republican, was stranded in Madrid, having lost his wallet and passport. It asks the recipient to send him a $2,000 loan which he would repay after returning to Tennessee.
The first word he had of the email, Haun said, was from the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association. Subsequently, a number of other people have contacted him by phone, but apparently no one sent money.
“”I’m thinking everybody was smart enough to know that wasn’t really me,” he said.