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Food Funds Flowing Slower This Month in SNAP Program

Needy families accustomed to getting supplemental food benefits from the government may face delays in getting help this month because the state is shifting to a new distribution model, says The Tennessean..
The state is staggering distribution of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) across the first 20 days of the month, rather than the first 10 days. Many agree that the shift could ultimately be helpful as it levels out the demand for popular foods, but this transitional month is leaving a large chunk of recipients waiting as long as 10 extra days for much-needed October assistance.
Numbers from Oct. 1 show 600,172 households are receiving monthly food benefits, according to Tennessee Department of Human Services spokeswoman Devin Stone. While the amount they receive varies, the average is $260.
The state estimates 541,910 of those households are seeing their benefits delayed between one and 10 days during this transitional month only.
“(As of Thursday), more than half of SNAP recipients have been through the transition and received their benefits,” Stone said in an email. “Moving forward, recipients will receive benefits every 30 days as normal.”