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On Snakes, Hogs, Guns and Legislators

State Sen. Stacey Campfield contends a precedent for passage of his “guns on campus” bill has been set by advancing legislation that’s intended to let an Overton County farm overseer shoot snakes or wild hogs.
As passed 92-1 by the House, the bill in question authorizes “farm employees” of the University of Tennessee and the state Board of Regents to carry weapons.
The bill, HB185, came before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after the panel had voted to postpone until 2012 any action on Campfield’s guns-on-campus bill, which would allow faculty and staff of universities to carry guns if they have a handgun carry permit. A House committee also killed the bill for this year.
Sen. Ken Yager, R-Harriman, said an agreement had been reached by all parties concerned to amend the “guns on farms” bill to exclude all UT facilities and, in effect, apply only to one 1,200-acre farm in Overton County that has been leased by Tennessee Technological University, part of the Regents system.
The farm overseer, whose family owned the farm for years, wants to “protect himself from snakes,” Yager told colleagues, and needs to carry a gun to do so.
“I believe it’s illegal to shoot snakes in Tennessee,” said Campfield.
“What else are you supposed to do with them?” replied Yager, touching off a round of convoluted debate.

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