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Turner Sees Race in Anti-Obama Voters, Faults Media

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner, quoted by Jeff Woods from a speech at a state party executive committee meeting:
“We’ve got a president up here whose color is not the right shade according to a lot of people, and they just hate him for that reason,” Turner said. “I was talking to a guy this morning at a filling station and it didn’t matter what Obama did, he’s not going to like it because Obama’s an African American. I told him, I said, ‘Look, he’s half-white. You ought to like half of him anyway.’ These people are dead set against him for that reason, and that’s unfortunate. That’s very unfortunate.”
Woodsie says Turner “managed to hand Republicans some new ammo for election campaign attacks” and suggested a yard sign for Democrats: ”Vote Obama. He’s Half-White.”
In a separate post, there are further Turner comments:
Turner slapped political reporters for failing to cover the Republican-run state government the way Democrats would prefer, and he cited the media–along with all those mean Republicans, of course–as a major obstacle to his party’s return to power.
“We’re facing a press that has not really talked about what the Haslam administration has done,” Turner said, mentioning tax breaks for the wealthy, among other media omissions. “Some of the press would rather beat us up than attack Stacey Campfield and that bunch. So that’s discouraging.”

Maybe He’s Been Reading Bredesen’s Book

Picking up on a theme that made former Gov. Phil Bredesen a favorite Democrat among national Republicans on the subject of health care reform, Bill Haslam said Tuesday a dose of “economic reality” is needed to keep down the cost of medical services.
A further excerpt from the TNReport:
Haslam said patients typically don’t think much about costs when they shoulder little or none of the burden of payment. The governor even phrased his diagnosis of what ails Medicaid in the way Bredesen used to. Low-income recipients of care — and for that matter, consumers in general — don’t have “enough economic skin in the game, if you will,” said Haslam.
Haslam delivered his remarks before hundreds of high school girls at the Volunteer Girls State organization at Lipscomb University in Nashville. The annual event involves rising seniors from schools throughout the state who are chosen based on academic and leadership potential. First Lady Crissy Haslam joined her husband in answering questions after he gave a speech.