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Computer Seized in Knox Trustee’s Office in Testing Investigation

Knox County’s information technology department Wednesday seized a computer belonging to a Trustee’s Office employee who county officials say may have taken state-administered tests on behalf of his co-workers, reports Mike Donila.
Information about the allegation has been turned over to authorities for a possible criminal investigation.
“We have it (the computer) locked up in our cage where we keep things like that, and I’ll wait for instruction,” said Dick Moran, head of the county’s IT department.
Moran said Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols called him Wednesday and asked him to secure a specific Dell desktop computer inside the Trustee’s Office. He said he’ll meet with Nichols today to find out what he wants done with it.
Knox County Commissioner R. Larry Smith said he initially received a tip that an employee was taking a test for other workers in the office. He also said he was told that someone in the office either destroyed computer files or attempted to cover up evidence of the activity.
He said he got the information “from a credible source — someone who has no grudges or political aspirations, whatsoever.”