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On Bill Haslam, the revolutionary

Excerpt from Frank Cagle’s latest column, wherein he says Gov. Bill Haslam is bringing revolutionary changes to state government. Maybe just because he can.
In what universe is Bill Haslam a moderate?
I suppose on the surface if you contrast him with some of the legislators who push a social agenda–like most any bill sponsored by state Sen. Stacey Campfield–he may come off as a moderate. But if you look at the things he has done (or proposes doing) he is fundamentally changing state government and the state’s education system.
Set aside whether you think the things he has done are good or bad. Certainly there is room for reform in education and in the functions of state government. My point is that people tend to overlook just what a revolutionary figure Haslam has become in his time as governor.
…Some of the privatization moves have been controversial. One wonders if he is as naive as he seems. Is there another political figure locally or in state government who would not have foreseen his relationships with Jones Lang LaSalle, Tom Ingram, and the energy company coming under fire for conflicts of interest? What is he paying Ingram for, if not to warn him about these perceptions?
Or is he secure enough in his position that he just doesn’t care?