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Haslam’s Reply Letter to Occupy Nashville

From the governor’s office, here’s a copy of Gov. Bill Haslam’s reply to a letter delivered to his officer earlier this week by Occupy Nashville protesters. (Previous post HERE)
Nov. 5 , 2011
Dear Occupy Nashville,
Thank you for your letter. Please be assured that this administration wholeheartedly supports your First Amendment right to express your views. As you said, Legislative Plaza should be a place where you and other citizens have an opportunity to exercise their rights of speech and assembly.
For that reason, the safety and security of the Legislative Plaza is of great importance to this administration, and in our opinion, to you and other citizens desiring to use the Plaza. The safety and security of the Plaza will not only benefit you but will have an effect on others who live in, work in and visit downtown Nashville. Thank you for acknowledging the professionalism of the Tennessee Highway Patrol because those officers are the ones who ultimately provide that safety and security to the Plaza.
Legislative Plaza is a public place citizens should be able to utilize and enjoy. We appreciate your willingness and commitment to do your part to help make it an orderly, clean and safe public space.
Warmest regards,
Bill Haslam

Haslam Responds to Durbin Letter

Gov. Bill Haslam has replied to a publicized letter from Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin that asked for assurances that Tennessee is taking steps to assure that voters are not denied ballot access because of a new law requiring a photo ID for voting.
Basically, it says: Yes, senator, we are taking steps. It outlines some of the law’s provisions and says voter education efforts are getting underway.
An excerpt:
“The Department of Safety and Homeland Security is placing citizens who need photo identification for voting purposes in an ‘express service’ category. While there will still be some wait time at some centers, this should speed up the process for citizens needing photo IDS.
“The Department of Safety and Homeland Security is also working with numerous county clerks’ offices, including some in counties where no driver service centers are located, to issue photo identification cards to registered voters who need them at no charge. This should increase significantly the number of locations where voters can go to obtain photo identification.”
For full pdf text of the letter, click on this link: 091511_Sen._Durbin_Letter.pdf