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Starrett radio ad bashes DesJarlais for bashing talk radio host

Republican congressional candidate Grant Starrett has begun airing a radio ad that says his opponent, incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, recently insulted nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, reports the Times-Free Press.

The campaign’s 60-second ad began running Wednesday evening on Chattanooga’s WGOW and Nashville’s WWTN, according to Starrett’s campaign. Starrett, an attorney, is challenging three-term incumbent DesJarlais, a South Pittsburg physician, in the 4th Congressional District’s Aug. 4 Republican primary.

His ad features a recording of DesJarlais criticizing both Levin and talk show radio host and blogger Erik Erikson at what the campaign says was a Lincoln County GOP meeting earlier this month. Levin has been critical of DesJarlais in the past while Erikson, former editor-in-chief of the Red State blog, has endorsed Starrett in his challenge to the congressman.

“You listen to conservative Mark Levin every day,” says a female announcer in the spot. “Would Mark Levin betray your principles at any price? Here’s what Scott DesJarlais thinks about about Mark Levin.”

The ad switches to a recording of DesJarlais saying “there’s bought and paid for political conservatives as well, Mark Levin apparently is one, I think Erick Erikson is another, and so I think they can be sold to the highest bidder.”

The female announcer’s voice resumes, asking, “Mark Levin, bought and paid for?” The announcer later goes on to ask “Who is Scott DesJarlais to question Mark Levin’s conservative principles?”

The ad then charges DesJarlais “voted for $700 billion in Obama’s food stamps, failed to hold abortion providers accountable and voted with Obama to cut our military.

“You’ve been betrayed by Scott DesJarlais,” the announcer charges.

In a statement, DesJarlais spokesman Robert Jameson, who did not address the ad’s citing of the congressman’s criticisms of Levin, called Starrett “a 28-year old trust fund kid from California who just moved to the Fourth District and has absolutely no ties to the community. He has nothing to run on, an inability to tell the truth and establishment views that do not align with the district he just moved into.”

Note: The Starrett campaign news release, including transcript, is below. Continue reading

Nashville radio station fined $1M by FCC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A top Nashville radio station was fined $1 million by the FCC after broadcasting a fake emergency alert.

Multiple news sources report the fine was handed to iHeartMedia Tuesday. The FCC says there was an EMS transmission on the Nashville-based program “The Bobby Bones Show” in October 2014, which was sent to more than 70 affiliated stations across the nation. Bones was talking about an EAS test, which aired during the World Series, and played a recording of an earlier test.

In addition to the fine, iHeartMedia is required to implement a comprehensive compliance plan and delete EAS simulated tones from its audio production libraries.

The FCC has been cracking down on misuse of the Emergency Alert System. Fines have totaled $2.5 million in the past six months.

Note: WPLN has a bit more detail:

The false alarm occurred October 24, according to the consent decree. It was the morning after Game 2 of the World Series. A nationwide emergency alert test had interrupted the game’s TV broadcast. Then the issue came up the next morning on WSIX-FM during the Bobby Bones Show, which is heard in 70 markets.

The host aired a recording of an old EAS alert as he commented on the World Series interruption. That resulted in a cascade across the country since some stations are set to retransmit the tones automatically.

The FCC’s Travis LeBlanc says in a statement that misusing EAS tones “undermines the public’s confidence in the system.”

The $1 million WSIX penalty, which will be paid by parent company iHeart Radio, actually isn’t the biggest in the recent round of enforcement. ESPN paid $1.4 million in January for misusing emergency tones during an ad for a movie.

Ashe Exit from Broadcasting Board Stirs Protests

Victor Ashe’s departure from a federal board that oversees the government’s foreign broadcasting agency is causing almost as much conflict as his tenure on the panel, reports Michael Collins.
President Barack Obama is looking to replace Ashe on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent federal agency that watches over government-supported broadcasters such as Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and Radio Free Europe.
But Ashe’s removal has brought howls of protest from conservatives and some broadcasting groups, who note that he is the only Republican on the board, even though by law the panel is supposed to be evenly split among Democrats and Republicans. Obama has nominated another Republican, former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, as Ashe’s successor. But Ashe’s backers argue he should be allowed to stay on as well given the dearth of GOP representation on the panel.
What’s more, some of Ashe’s defenders suspect he is being replaced because his attempts to ferret out waste and mismanagement have rankled the broadcasting agency’s top executives.
“He has upset a lot of people who were used to having the board rubber stamp what they want to do,” said Timothy Shamble, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1812, the union that represents broadcasters and journalists at Voice of America.
Shamble and others have written letters to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., asking him to help keep Ashe on the board.
Ashe, a former Knoxville mayor who also served as U.S. ambassador to Poland, said he is not seeking another term on the board. Obama appointed him to the panel in late 2009 to fill an unexpired term. Ashe’s term ended in August 2010, but by law he is allowed to continue serving until his successor is nominated and confirmed.
“I will continue serving until replaced and work on those issues which I have previously worked on,” Ashe said via email, citing openness in government, less waste, fairness to employees and outreach to people living under repressive regimes that censor objective news.
Ashe said Crocker is “an excellent nominee” to serve on the board. But he, too, believes it’s important to have four Democrats and four Republicans on the nine-member panel. (By law, the ninth board member is the sitting secretary of state.) A bipartisan split on the board “helps to assure an objective, honest approach to news reporting,” Ashe said.
Right now, five of the nine board seats are vacant.

Woman Charged With Stealing $50K From Nonprofit Tied to Kenneth Hill

From the Kingsport Times-News:
A Kingsport woman is accused of stealing nearly $50,000 from a Bristol-based non-profit, which funds a Bluff City Christian radio station and is directed by Kenneth C. Hill — the Tennessee Regulatory Authority director and father of local representatives Timothy and Matthew Hill.
An affidavit filed in Bristol General Sessions Court states Quyen Renee Quillin, 37, of 613 West Valley View Circle, Kingsport, was arrested Jan. 22 by Bristol, Tenn., Police. She was charged with theft of more than $10,000, booked into the Sullivan County jail and released after posting $3,000 bond.
“It’s a difficult thing, and it’s a very difficult and very sad thing for her,” Hill told the Times-News of the arrest, adding an investigation is continuing. BTPD Det. Brian Hess says Quillin had been an employee of Hill’s non-profit approximately four years, with AECC continuing to follow paper trails and suspecting the total theft could be close to $300,000.
Court records state Quillin was an employee of Hill’s Appalachian Education Commission Corporation, which broadcasts WHCB 91.5 Christian radio out of Bluff City, Tenn. Hill reportedly contacted investigators on Jan. 14, two months after attempting to obtain a loan for the ministry and being denied.
He reported that a subsequent check of records discovered Quillin, a bookkeeper and administrative assistance with his non-profit, had opened a joint American Express card on his account without permission. Hill told police Quillin had charged approximately $47,000 on the card and then paid it off with money from the Appalachian Education Commission Corporation, which is funded through donations from the public.

Steve Gill Ending Radio Talk Show

Former congressional hopeful and vocal Tennessee income tax opponent Steve Gill is ending his nationally syndicated radio show after 15 years on the air, reports The Tennessean.
The Steve Gill Show will broadcast for a final time on Jan. 31 or Feb. 1, Gill said. Gill, a Brentwood attorney, said he is ending the show so he can focus on other business ventures, including speaking engagements and consulting, through his company Gill Media Inc.
He said he also wants to continue as a political analyst on News 2 WKRN.
“We’d been looking over the last several months at what we were going to do past the New Year,” Gill said. “We’ve got some other business ventures and opportunities to pursue and we thought this would be a good time.”
He said the growing corporate influence on radio also has made it more difficult for small broadcasters to thrive.
“When we started 15 years ago, radio was a different animal,” Gill said. “The way corporations work, it’s difficult to have a grassroots, listener-focused show right now.”

Radio Personality Off Air After Inflammatory Facebook Comments

JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) — A popular Jackson radio personality is off the air for now after posting racially inflammatory comments on Facebook.
Bill Way, host of “It’s Your Turn” on WNWS-FM, posted the comments on his personal Facebook page over the weekend.
They were aimed at people who voted for President Obama.
Way apologized on air on Monday. Station president Carlton Veirs then read a statement saying the station does not condone Way’s remarks.
“We’re discussing his comments and apology,” Veirs said. “Considering the gravity of the situation, for now, by mutual agreement, Bill is taking a few days off.”
The Associated Press obtained Veirs’ statement from the station.
The president of the Jackson-Madison County of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said it was irresponsible of someone in Way’s position to make such offensive comments.
“We’re asking for a change of direction and attitude from one of Jackson’s most famous and entertaining talk show hosts,” Harrell Carter said in a telephone interview. “It is unconscionable, the language he used for the president of the United States and the first lady.”
Carter said he used to work at WNWS and knows Guy personally.
“This was out of the clear blue sky,” he said. “I don’t know what the circumstances were, but this was surprising and disappointing.”
He said any discussion of the country’s problems needs to begin from a position of mutual respect.

Note: Way’s Facebook post, as reported by The Jackson Sun: “A short message to Obama voters. To vote for him with a 9.2 unemployment rate, a (expletive) of Benghazi lies, $16,000,000,000 in debt and an israeli war, (a derogatory reference to the sex scandal involving David Petraeus), a pimp walking prez married to cheetahs daughter…expect what you will most certainly get. bye bye medicare. hello homeless.. I love America except for the idiots.”

Legislature’s Only Independent Targeted By State GOP

In a radio ad, state Republican Chairman Chris Devaney is declaring the party’s backing for Elizabethton attorney Thomas Gray, who is opposing re-election of former House Speaker Kent Williams, the only independent member of the Tennessee Legislature.
Devaney earlier this year wrote election officials to declare Williams is not a “bona fide Republican” after the 4th House District incumbent picked up qualifying papers to run as a Republican. Williams was initially elected as a Republican, but joined with Democrats in 2009 to elect himself to a two-year term as House speaker and was subsequently booted from the GOP by former Republican Chairman Robin Smith.
The 30-second radio ad, sponsored by the Republican Party, is scheduled to run on two stations in the area, according to Adam Nickas, executive director of the state GOP. It doesn’t mention Williams.
“The election this November is the most important in our nation’s history,” says Devaney in the ad. “In Tennessee, we have a true conservative Republican running for state representative, and his name is Tom Gray.
“For the record, Tom Gray is the only Republican on the ballot in Carter County’s District 4. We need someone who can effectively work in Nashville to create more jobs for East Tennessee. Vote Republican. Vote Tom Gray this November.”
Williams, first elected in 2006, is rated a “probable” winner in the contest by the Tennessee Journal and enjoys a substantial financial advantage.
Gary has reported spending of about $5,700 so far in the campaign and had a cash balance of $3,304 on Oct. 1. He has guaranteed a $5,000 bank loan to the campaign and got $1,400 from Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough.
Williams’ reports show spending of more than $36,000 this year and an Oct. 1 cash balance of $47,242.

Fleischmann, Wamp Launch Ad Campaigns

Two candidates in the 3rd Congressional District Republican primary begin broadcast commercial campaigns this week, reports the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.
U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann plans to hit districtwide airwaves today with radio and television advertisements that tell a humble-beginnings tale as he attempts to beat six challengers for his seat.
One of those challengers, 25-year-old Weston Wamp, said he’ll begin “a very positive media campaign” Thursday with a week of network and cable television ads.
Like Fleischmann, he plans to reach all 11 counties in the 3rd District, which includes the Knoxville and Chattanooga media markets. Advisers for both men said they have enough campaign cash to run more ads up to the Aug. 2 primary.
Wamp declined to discuss the specifics of his 30-second ads, except to say they will air on CNN and Fox News and explore “the core meaning of what our country’s all about.” He said Fleischmann isn’t mentioned.

Note: The scripts of the Fleischmann TV and radio ads (and links for listening) are below.

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Hargett Does PSAs on Photo ID Law

News release from Secretary of State’s office:
Secretary of State Tre Hargett is releasing two radio public service announcements this week, encouraging voters to bring photo identification with them to the polls this year.
The 30-second radio spots, which are being distributed to members of the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters, are part of an ongoing campaign to raise public awareness about the state’s voter photo ID law that took effect Jan.1.
Although there are some exceptions, the law generally requires voters to show valid photo identification before casting ballots. Information about the types of identification that are acceptable and how to obtain photo IDs is available at www.GoVoteTN.com or by calling 1-877-850-4959.
“It is vital that we continue to get the word out to Tennesseans about this new law,” Secretary Hargett said. “I encourage radio stations throughout the state to play these public service announcements as often as they can to assist us in spreading the message. We want Tennessee voters to show up at the polls knowing about what’s required to vote.”
Note: To hear the Public Service Announcements, click HERE for one, and HERE for the other.

DesJarlais Campaign Launches Radio Ad

News release from U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais:
Jasper, TN – Today, Dr. Scott DesJarlais’ campaign launched a district-wide radio ad buy highlighting his conservative record, including votes to repeal Obamacare and his work to reduce spending and our national debt.
“When elected, I promised to put Tennesseans first and stick to my common-sense, conservative principles. I’ve faced plenty of pressure to compromise, but I’ve never wavered from my commitment. I’m proud to have kept my promises in voting to repeal Obamacare and to fight against higher spending and more job-crushing debt,” said DesJarlais.
In July, Congressman DesJarlais was one of only 9 Republican votes against the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.” Though DesJarlais supports many of the components contained in the bill, he ultimately voted against the plan because it included a provision to give President Obama a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling. (Roll Call Vote 606, 7/19/11)
Also in July, DesJarlais was one of just 22 Republicans to vote against the Budget Control Act of 2011, which raised the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion dollars and established the failed Debt Super Committee. (Roll Call Vote 677, 7/29/11)
In December of this year, Congressman DesJarlais again voted against the majority of his party when he voted against the “Omnibus Appropriations Bill” because of the high spending levels. (Roll Call Vote 941, 12/16/11)
Congressman DesJarlais also voted to repeal Obamacare, for the Ryan Budget, and for a Balance Budget Amendment to the Constitution. (Roll Call Vote 14, 1/19/11; Roll Vote 277, 4/15/11; Roll Call Vote 858, 11/18/11)
“Sticking to my conservative principles hasn’t made me popular with the Washington special interests and the Democratic Party. But I’m prepared to defend my independent record of making tough choices, especially when it comes to cutting spending,” continued DesJarlais.

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