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Emancipation Proclamation on Display at TN State Museum

By Kristin Hall, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The original Emancipation Proclamation, a document that changed the lives of countless African-Americans during the Civil War, is on display in Nashville as the fragile historical document makes its only stop in the Southeast on a 150th anniversary tour.
The exhibit opened Tuesday — fittingly on the anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday — at the Tennessee State Museum and runs through Monday. It’s a rare visit outside the nation’s capital for the original document Lincoln signed in 1863 declaring “forever free” all slaves held in Confederate states rebelling against the Union.
Because lights are harmful to the papers, the document can only be viewed for 72 hours over the course of the six days. After Feb. 18, a replica of the Emancipation Proclamation will be on display until the exhibit ends Sept. 1.
Throngs of school children were among the first to view the exhibit on Tuesday morning. All of the approximately 18,000 reservations for visitors and school groups to visit the exhibit were taken, but more walk-in visitors were being accommodated.

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Arbor Day is Proclaimed

Nashville, Tenn. – Gov. Bill Haslam has proclaimed March 2 as Arbor Day in Tennessee to recognize the importance of trees to our state. This year’s state celebration will be held in Nashville, which has been designated a Tree City USA community.
“Arbor Day is important for reminding us of the value of trees not only in our rural areas but in our urban areas as well,” Agriculture Commissioner Julius Johnson said. “TDA is committed to improving and protecting our forest resources, which contribute a number of environmental and economic benefits.”

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Emancipation Proclamation Coming to Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Tennessee State Museum plans to put the Emancipation Proclamation on display in 2013.
Gov. Bill Haslam announced Monday that the document signed by President Abraham Lincoln will be available for viewing during a six-day period, though exact dates are not yet set.
Haslam called it “an incredible honor” for Tennessee to host the original document issued by Lincoln in 1863. The order freed all slaves in the Confederacy.
The display will be part of a six-month exhibit about the Civil War that will open at the state museum in Nashville on Feb. 12, which is also Lincoln’s birthday.

Note: News release on the matter is below.

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